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What Does Law Of Attraction Have To Do With Your Family Relationships?

Family is everything to me.   We have been through much transition and become stronger all of the time.  Not every family is as blessed as we are and one of my commitments is to help families become [...]

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9 Steps To Stay Empowered When You Want To Stay In Bed

Hi Everyone, My days usually start at 5am.  This allows me to get some quiet time in as well as some brainstorming done while the house is still peaceful.  There are days, though, that I [...]

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Why Is Humor Important in Manifesting Your Live Dreams?

Hi Everyone, As I am sure each of us has been, I have been through some rough periods in my life.  Most every day I do something silly and if I didn't laugh about it [...]

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7 Simple Hacks to Simplify Your Life and Get More Done Each Day

Hi Everyone, As you know, Law Of Attraction is a Law that we are all living each and every moment, whether consciously or unconsciously.  One area where I tend to go "unconscious" is around time. [...]

Today’s Reflection: Each instant is an opportunity

Hi Everyone, A few times a week  it is important to take a few minutes to reflect on what is working well in each of our lives.  This focused attention allows Law of Attraction to [...]

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Ho’oponopono is a Simple Yet Powerful Tool For Spiritual Growth

The Hawaiian spiritual practice called "Ho'oponopono" is very easy to learn, yet extremely powerful. The main intention  of Ho'oponopono is to help you "clean" (eliminate, erase, heal) the unconscious and subconscious beliefs you hold that sabotage [...]

Thoughts Become Things

Laptop1Words are the building blocks of our thoughts.
Mr_Pipo_thoughts_svgOur thoughts make up our internal dialog which causes us to have an emotional reaction–either negative or positive
feelingsOur feelings (vibes) are emotions that set our vibrational energy which Law of Attraction matches.
Results_0The result of our words that generate thoughts that produce feelings is a vibration. A vibration only has two possible states. Positive or Negative.

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Sue took a chance on me when I had little experience. Through her coaching and mentoring I went on to have a very successful career!!!
Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Connecticut Children's Medical Center
As an experienced coach and consultant, Sue has extraordinary communication, analytical and team building skills! I strongly recommend her as a coach for anyone from an individual starting a business to a senior executive.
Cathy Rousseau, Baystate Health Systems
Sue was my direct supervisor when I joined Culbert. I was new to consulting and reached out to Sue frequently for coaching and guidance. She was always readily available to provide both personal and professional support.
Seth Marlow, Culbert Healthcare Systems
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